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Here It Is! The Big One! Gulp! What Arii Saw!

ANON KINK MEME FOR GOOD OMENS This was invented, as far as I…


Mirrormask Queen

We spare no expense in the construction of a narrative which may be extravagant and unlikely.

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Mirrormask Queen

This was invented, as far as I know, for Prince of Tennis fandom, where finding obscure and strange pairings out of +100 characters is really bloody DIFFICULT.

Hence, Meme!

And we all know how hard it is to find just that certain kink.

Hence, Kink Meme!

Especially if it's a Questionable one.

Hence, Anon Kink Meme!

I was reflecting on the Distilled Joy that the AKMs are, and it occured to me that I love PoT fandom because they seem like the only ones who do this. "Well, that's no good," I thought to myself. "Poor underprivileged other fandoms."

So I thought I'd try suggesting one here.
This is whatcha do:

Post an ANONYMOUS request. This is important. You can request a single character, a pairing, a threesome, a foursome... Whatever feeds your ducks. If your kink is War and Aziraphale eating ice-cream, that is as valid as, say, hardcore Death/Pollution.
(Feeling blocked? Here's a list of nearly 400.)

The fics don't need to be epic, but PLEASE try to write at least one answering fic (Also ANONYMOUS, unless you feel comfortable having your True Identity known--takes some of the fun out of it, though, *I* think). Obviously, if you don't write, we can't tell, but it would be good karma. :D If no one fufils anyone's requests, the meme dies. D: Poor dead meme.

But have fun with this! <3

Let's hear those kinks, then.

(PS. Feel free to pimp this out)

ETA: *One Year Later* Jesus fuck, this thing is still going?? O_O

ETA: *Two Years Later* O_________O STILL!? Fuckin He--Hea--SOMEWHERE. I'm stunned! All the other memes were just flashes in the pan--fashionable one moment and forgotten the next. Great job, everyone!! Keep up the good work! I'm so glad I started this meme, and I'm so glad that people have been working so hard to fufill each other's kinks. High fives all around!

ETA: *Two Years and A Bit Later* Man, you guys blow my mind. However, I just noticed an issue that I feel needs to be addressed. I just noticed somewhere amongst these 1100+ comments a request for me to remove a discussion that had gotten a bit wanky; since y'all seem to have worked it out and made (very mature, IMO) apologies, I'm going to leave it up as a good example to anyone else who happens to come across it. Well done, Anonymice, I am proud.
However, if there are ever any circumstances in the future that cause people to want a post (or series of posts) removed, PLEASE feel free to contact me (asking in the comments won't be effective, since I am very, VERY bad about keeping up with this meme). If you explain the situation (and link me to the posts in question, please!), as the meme founder, I will do whatever I deem is most sensible. (Check on my profile for my contact info--You can find my email and several IM clients to which I am logged in 24/7; you can also send me a PM, but there will most likely be a much slower response.) However, I have faith in the maturity and levelheadedness that this fandom has, so just remember to think before you type and try to assume that other people are making comments with as sweet-natured a tone as possible.
Keep being awesome. I'm around if you need me. :)

ETA: *Two Years and a Bit and A Day Later* So many thanks to steadfast , who (in proof of her username) has compiled a list of complete and incomplete requests! There are also a few reveals in the comments. :)

ETA: *Three Years Later* So, for those of you who have been paying attention, there was a bit of a mix-up. Long story short: Don't ever go on vacations, ever; I'm a dumbass who doesn't check her email enough; spam filters were invented by Aziraphale, but it was Crowley's idea to make them more effective than need be. *headdesk*

ANYWAY. It's been a really, really great run. Three whole years! I'm so proud of all of you. But this meme will be closing--or, rather, moving to a new home. inkmage has adopted it and is modding it over at good_omens_kink. Y'all should definitely check it out, it looks like she's doing great work with it. I'm not on LJ enough anymore, and although I still think of this  meme as one of my greatest accomplishments on the internet, it's grown enough that it's time to hand it off to someone more suited to looking after it, and for me to gracefully step down from the glamorous position of Kink Meme Mod. XD
The new community has my full blessing, and I wish everyone the best of luck--I hope it continues on the amazing path that it has followed these last three years, and I could not be more proud to have been a part of it's history. I'm a little sad to be letting the it go, but it's the best thing for everyone. 

I hope this meme has brought everyone else ten times the joy it's brought me over the years. This post and the journal will stay up for as long as the gods allow. Goodnight, little kink meme; bon voyage, good_omens_kink  <3

  • (Anonymous)
    Aziraphale/Crowley's houseplants. hurt/comfort, obviously.
    • What a Sap

      “Oh, you poor, poor thing!”

      The spider plant quivered as fingers trailed down its slightly browning leaves.

      “There, there,” said the angel, in a soft, soothing voice. “You’re safe now.”

      Its stem trembled delicately as the oddly gentle hands continued their exploration.

      “Oh dear, you really are in a bad way, aren’t you?”

      It twitched in assent.

      Aziraphale shook his head, he knew and accepted that Crowley was a demon, and, as such, couldn’t really help some of his baser instincts. However, there were some aspects of the former Serpent of Eden’s that the ex Angel of the Eastern Gate just couldn’t excuse, at all. In fact, if he was in one of his more smiteful moods (usually after witnessing an act of wanton bibliographic destruction), he’d proclaim that they were d*nmed well not on. Alas, his latest diatribe on the despicable manner in which the demon treated the victimised vegetation he called houseplants, had been met with what could only be described as ‘a most undiabolic fit of the giggles’.

      Aziraphale had therefore taken the only action a moral being could. He’d snatched the next intended victim of Crowley’s brutal One dropped leaf and you’re out policy during his last visit to the demon’s flat and made off with it back to the shop.

      He could still hear the hysterical laughter that had consumed his opposite number during the subsequent gloating – ‘They call him the Houseplant Liberation Army’ – phone call he’d received later that day.

      It had been worth it though. The spider plant was finally free... well, as free a mostly stationary life form could be, at least. Alas, despite the angels tender care and regular watering the poor thing was still in a sickly and traumatised state.

      The angel gave a sigh. There was really only one thing for it. He wasn’t certain if he was technically supposed to do it, but he couldn’t very well stand there and watch it wither away.

      As he continued his caressing of the long leaves, he allowed a tiny, tiny fraction of divine essence to seep into ailing life greenery.

      The spider plant shuddered. This time however it was not a shudder of pain or fear. This was a shudder of hope and delight.

      The leaves that had just a second ago been limp and drooping, began to strengthen, growing turgid, strong and firm as the heavenly light permeated its entire being

      There was a brief moment of warm, radiating ecstasy: a blissful communion between two beings.

      When it was all finally over the angel looked down at his now rather moist and inexplicably sticky hands.

      His eyes immediately widened.

      My word!”

      He hadn’t realised a plant that size could release quite so much sap in one go.
  • Re: What a Sap


    Surprisingly touching and hot. As crack should be. :D
  • Re: What a Sap

    He's just so fussy! Which is as it should be. I approve of the use of the word 'turgid.'
    • Re: What a Sap

      SPIDER PLANT! *heartheartheart* I've liked the little buggers ever since I read the Plant Boys smut fics...staring a spider plant.
      • Re: What a Sap


        Spider plant, spider plant
        Does whatever a spider...can't.
  • Re: What a Sap

    XDDD I can't believe it, this is frigging brilliant !
    'They call him the Houseplant Liberation Army’ ROFLMAO (always dreamed of writing it :p)
  • "Oh lord, heal this meme," he whispered sarcastically.

    Greetings, author-anon! As you may have noticed, this meme is dying a slow and tragic death, due in particular to the fact that anon commenting has been turned off. Arii (the owner of this LJ) has been contacted several times about this, but to no avail. Therefore, long story short, the meme has been resurrected like a Bentley from the ashes over at good_omens_kink, along with anon commenting enabled, tagging, active moderation, and all that good stuff.


    With Arii (apparently) AWOL, and nobody knowing quite what's up, a major concern is that this entry or journal might at some point be deleted, and everything that's sprung up here - all the prompts, fills, and the sticky bonds of community that only porn can create - may be lost.

    To that end, and for the sake of having everything in one place, there is a Meme 1.0 post in the new community. All prompts that received a fill have been reposted in the comments over there. Author-anons, just find the right one and repost your fill in reply. You can also (in fact, are encouraged to) repost any comments your fill received; the intent is to preserve as much of the original meme as possible, and for the memesters as a community, the conversations and shared delight that happens around the fills is as important a part of that as the porn itself.

    • If you do not wish to repost your fill, simply find the clone prompt and reply with something like, "Do not wish to repost," along with a link to the original fill. Alternatively, you can reply to this comment instead - but remember, anon commenting is turned off here.

    • If you originally posted a fill in your own LJ and linked to it, you can do the same over there. If you originally posted a fill anonymously but then de-anoned and posted it in your LJ, you can... post it unanon over there? Post a link to the fill in your LJ? Whatever works for you!

    • If you can't find a clone of the prompt you wrote a fill for, feel free to repost it yourself.

    • This one is important: please do NOT repost another author's work without their permission.
    In the event that you don't repost your fill or indicate otherwise, good_omens_kink mod(s) will begin importing the remaining fills starting on August 1st. If you see your fill on the new meme and you don't want it there, just get in touch via PM or the Ask-a-Mod post, and it'll be taken care of.


    If there are lonely prompts here for which you still lie awake at night, aching for a fill, post them anew to the Round 1 entry, where the meme will rise again, as potent and virile as ever. If you're having trouble locating things in the comments here, try referring to the aptly-named steadfast's lists of filled and unfilled prompts (99.99% complete!). And finally, I think we'd all like to extend our thanks to Arii, whether she's reading this or not, for keeping such a fantastic and fun meme open for so long; the Good Omens fandom is the better - and hotter - for it.

    NOTE 1: The discussion surrounding the creation of the new meme and possible ways of preserving this one can be seen here, on page 10 of this meme.

    NOTE 2: I am not inkmage - just a helpful anon in the night, taking up her request for volunteers.

    NOTE 3: Anyone tracking comments for the whole post? I apologise in advance. You may want to turn that off.
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